Aramid Standard

Aramid hook and loop tapes - heat resistant and flame retardant

High-temperature hook and loop tapes play an essential role in safety, especially in the automotive and aviation industries, but also in the manufacture of protective workwear and in insulation technology.

Therefore, we as a hook and loop tape manufacturer primarily recommend the use of hook and loop fasteners in these industries, although of course there is nothing to stop you from buying such a hook and loop fastener for other areas of application. Accordingly, our standards for heat-resistant and flame-retardant hook and loop systems are high. For our high-temperature hook and loop tapes, we use aramid fibers, which are characterized by high resilience even at permanently high temperatures.

We produce these hook and loop fasteners for you in Germany according to the most modern manufacturing guidelines and the highest safety standards. Therefore, from a safety point of view, nothing speaks against the use of these heat-resistant and robust hook and loop fasteners.

Aramid Standard Hook tape

Aramid Standard Loop tape

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